Third Caucasus Tea Festival

On October 23, 2010, CBDN together with the Caucasian Tea Producers’ Association organized the third Caucasus Tea Festival to popularize varieties of teas from the region, including Caucasus Tea, and to promote tea sector cooperation in the South Caucasus. The festival program consisted of tea tasting and presentations of the Caucasus tea sector – and discussions with the sector’s leading figures.

Caucasus Tea was presented among many other assortments of premium teas brands and attracted special attention with its regional format. Participants enjoyed the taste and aroma of teas from all corners of Caucasus as well as discussed present challenges the Caucasus tea-sector is facing, prospects for reviving of region’s tea growing traditions, strengthening export-import potentials and attracting foreign investments in the sector.

Apart from Armenian, Azerbaijani, Armenians from Nagorny Karabakh and Georgian producers and experts the event attracted a great turn out including business structures, authorities, NGOs and hundreds of people from the public. The event received a good media coverage across the region.