Second Caucasian Cheese Exhibition

Between 17-20th July 2010, CBDN organized 2nd Caucasian Cheese Exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia to further promote sectoral cooperation in the region. The agenda of the meeting included visiting cheese factories, sharing recipes, and the exhibition of cheeses from different regions of the South Caucasus including the ‘Caucasian Cheese.’ CBDN also offered “Caucasian Bouquet”, a wine brand jointly created by Caucasian winemakers, as an accompaniment to the cheese-tasting.

The event was attended by the chairmen of the Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijan Cheese-makers Associations, representatives of the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture, Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council, representatives of the non-governmental structures and experts. At the conference which followed the cheese exhibition next day, almost all  of them supported CBDN’s initiative to establish Caucasus Association of Cheese-makers.

The Cheese Exhibition received some media coverage. The event was on the two very well-known Turkish newspapers – Zaman and Haberturk: