Presentation of Caucasus Tea and Wine in Tskhinval/i

On February 23, 2011, CBDN organized the presentation of the Caucasus Tea and the Caucasian Bouquet in Tskhinval/i. The meeting was attended by the local civil society and business community.

Participants had a great chance to enjoy a cup of tea, which offers flavours from across the region, and a glass of Caucasian wine, which symbolizes the regional cooperation. During the presentation, participants got a better understanding of CBDN’s scheme of work and its regional initiatives. People discussed the possibilities of producing Caucasus Tea with the added Ossetian flavour of herbal tea as well as the production of wine. Businesswomen who are engaged in wine-making suggested bringing wine to the CBDN centre to pour into the bottles. Similar suggestion was made in regard with the packaging of the herbal tea.

It was a good opportunity for the civil society and local businesses to learn about the CBDN and discuss the ways for future cooperation.