Pest Control Service Centre in Khurcha

On September 8, 2010, a pest control service-centre was opened in Khurcha, by Ingur/i. The event was attended by the local villagers, NGO representatives and international organizations including EU officials.

The agenda of the meeting included the presentation of the recently registered ‘Khurcha’ community organisation, which is going to monitor the pest-control activities of the centre, and the presentation of the service-centre itself in a form of equipment and action demonstrations: service-centre employees wore special coveralls especially designed for the pest-control initiative and demonstrated the ways to exterminate hyphantria cunea, also knows as the Fall Web Worm – a pest which is causing substantial damage to agricultural crops.

Service-centre is fully equipped with necessary pest-control tools, sprayers and chemicals, as well as informational booklets. As of today, 15 hectares of walnut plantations were cleaned from hyphantria cunea. The 2009-2010 phases of the initiative have been generously financed by the Instrument for Stability of the European Union.