Chastnaya Lavochka

In 2014, CBDN launched a new radio show in South Ossetia, entitled “Chastnaya Lavochka”“Corner Shop”. The weekly talk show is broadcast on the station “Radio IR”.

The show focuses on the topics of business and entrepreneurship in South Ossetia. By facilitating a discussion around the experiences of individuals, CBDN aims to raise awareness about the specific opportunities and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this context. The show targets people in the region who dream of opening their own business, but are unsure of how to go about it, or whether their investment would pay off. The programme also aims to encourage a broader segment of the population to take an interest in the areas of business and entrepreneurship.

A CBDN representative hosts the show on Thursday evenings, together with a co-presenter. A new guest joins her every week, each representing a different type of enterprise. So far, speakers have included a pharmacist, a mechanic, a wine-maker, a pet shop owner and a beautician, all of whom founded and own their businesses. The guests have struggled with maintaining their livelihoods as a result of the wars in the region, several losing their business and forced to start again from scratch.

Following the conflicts, many people in South Ossetia lack the impetus to establish their own livelihood, and live in fear that having invested their time, money and effort into building up an enterprise, they will lose it through further conflict. CBDN hopes that by showing positive examples of people who have pursued these goals in spite of the challenges in the region, this will encourage more people to do the same and ultimately stimulate development of the private sector in South Ossetia.

Radio IR director Alan Tskhovrebov says the show provides an important function that has so far been missing from the broadcasting sphere. He considers that establishing livelihoods by engaging in small business is exactly what is needed among the South Ossetian population, in order to move past the traumas of war and build hopes for a peaceful and prosperous future. The show has already seen growing popularity among South Ossetian youths, and it is hoped that as the project becomes more widely known, audiences will be encouraged to engage to a greater extent with the topics broadcast.


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