Beekeeping Sector

Beekeepers meet in Kars
Beekeepers meet in Kars

CBDN carried out research into the state of the beekeeping sector in the region, and found that many problems, such as aging technologies and techniques and lack of support from the state and investors, were the same across the South Caucasus. Consultations with beekeeping experts from across the region led to the conclusion that these problems should be addressed collaboratively.

In 2012, CBDN organised a cross-learning trip of South Caucasian beekeepers to Kars, Turkey. The trip convened a group of beekeepers from across the region to discuss and address some of the common problems that faced their occupation. Attendees received training on the treatment of honey-bee diseases, as well as a session on apitherapy – the use of bee products as alternative remedies, and non-traditional beekeeping methods. The pilot Caucasus Honey assortment was demonstrated to the beekeepers on the first day of the trip, and received positive support as an example of regional cooperation.

Bees from CBDN's apiary
Bees from CBDN’s apiary

The same year, we set up a “nomadic” pavilion apiary in Gardabani national park, using bee colonies from the Caucasus grey mountain species. This apiary is used to pilot contemporary beekeeping methods and technologies. CBDN regularly invites practitioners from across the region in order to demonstrate the apiary, receive feedback and input and stimulate discussion among the beekeepers on improvement of the sector. The produce of the apiary has proved to be of extremely high quality – following laboratory analysis, it was certified as corresponding to the import standards of the EU.

Between July and November 2013, CBDN conducted an extensive research into the current state of the beekeeping sector across the South Caucasus and Turkey (Kars). The report produced in 2014 and 2015 brings together an up-to-date analysis of the issues currently faced by the sector, as well as recommendations from experts and practitioners for its improvement.