Socially Beneficial Business

CBDN believes that cooperation between business communities which leads to mutually beneficial results helps to restore trust and human relationships, paving the way for a peaceful future and greater prospects for regional economic development.

Many of the traditional sectors in the South Caucasus suffer from similar problems, such as structural under-investment, lack of knowledge of contemporary methodologies and lack of access to new technologies. These obstacles are compounded by the absence of platforms for cooperation within the region, rendering it difficult for individuals from neighbouring countries to share their professional experience and advice with each other, and collaboratively develop ways to overcome the problems they all face.

Demonstrating the new machinery in Khurcha
Demonstrating the new equipment in Khurcha

Pest control

In 2007 CBDN launched an initiative which brought together volunteers from Gal/i, Ochamchira/e and Zugdidi to combat a common threat to their agricultural communities – the fall web worm. CBDN purchased equipment and trained local workers in fighting the pest, reducing the level of damage by 30%. Subsequently, CBDN established pest control centres in Khurcha and Gal/i to provide access to tools and informational materials for the local communities. Read more…

Beekeeping sector

From CBDN's apiary
From CBDN’s apiary

CBDN has been engaged in work in the beekeeping sector since 2011. Following research which revealed the extent of the damage to the sector in the contemporary South Caucasus since the fall of the Soviet Union, we established a nomadic apiary in Gardabani national park which serves as a piloting mechanism for contemporary methods and technologies. In 2011, we launched our “Caucasus Honey” brand – a collection of honeys produced by beekeepers from around the region. Read more…

‘Chastnaya Lavochka’ radio show

While business communities are the Network’s primary target group across the South Caucasus, the business sector in South Ossetia suffers particularly from underdevelopment following the conflicts. In light of this, in 2014 CBDN launched a weekly radio talk show to address some of these concerns by raising awareness about the particular opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship in the South Ossetian context. Every week, a new guest from the business community is invited on the show to share their experience and advice with viewers. The show aims to provide support to business owners while stimulating interest in entrepreneurship within South Ossetia as a whole. Read more…

Rehabilitation of Stone Cutting Workshop

Stone cutting workshop
Stone cutting workshop

In 2009, CBDN supported the rehabilitation of a joint stone cutting workshop in Pergovali, Tkvarchal/Tkvarcheli district. The initiative was designed by stakeholders from both sides of the Ingur/i river to produce building materials for the Abkhaz market and support economic cooperation between communities. More than ten ethnic Abkhaz and Georgians initiated and continue to run the workshop with technology purchased in Georgia. The stakeholders secured deals with building companies during the initiation process to supply materials in Western Abkhazia.

Tractor used by farmers
Tractor used by farmers

Joint Agricultural Machinery-Lending Scheme

CBDN ran a joint agricultural machinery-lending scheme between Georgian and Ossetian farmers in the South Ossetia conflict zone. The machinery was successfully and actively used by both communities, and administered by the South Ossetia business centre until 2009.