Caucasus Brands

The development of the Caucasus Brands project has demonstrated the possibilities and the benefits of collaboration. Together, our experts and sectoral professionals have produced a range of fantastic products, which serve as a symbolic of regional cooperation and a testament to culinary heritage across the South Caucasus. To date, the Caucasus Brands include a delicious selection of cheese, honey, wine and tea; all of which resonate strongly within Caucasian history and culture.

Caucasus Tea

Caucasian Tea
Caucasus Tea

Enjoyed by mankind since the ancient times for its flavour and aroma, revitalising effect and medicinal values, tea remains an important daily ritual in all parts of the Caucasus. Drinking tea together has the power to bring immense clarity of thought, calm the mind and unite people from all walks of life.

‘Caucasus Tea’ is a delicate balance of leaves selected from all the areas in which we work and created by experts from the various regions. It offers the chance to sample flavours from all corners of the Caucasus and represents commonalities across the region. Caucasus Tea is growing in popularity and CBDN is developing a region-wide strategy to commercialise the brand, as well as reaching out to consumers and experts in new areas. Read more…

Tea and Honey Festival in Tbilisi, 2011

Caucasus Honey

Caucasus Honey is a collection of eight high quality natural honeys different parts of the South Caucasus. Its mountainous terrain and unique flora make the Caucasus an ideal environment for honey production. Beekeeping is one of the oldest crafts in the region, whose practitioners hold a wealth of knowledge on the sector.

The concept behind ‘Caucasian Honey’ was conceived during a beekeepers’ meeting in Gyumri in February 2011, when experts across the region discussed the possibilities of creating a common Caucasus Honey brand with the view of promoting cooperation through a joint endeavour. Read more…

Caucasus Cheese

Caucasian cheese
Caucasus cheese

Cheese is a staple of every dinner table across the Caucasus. While every region has its own unique flavour, Caucasian cheese is known for being salty, rich and delicious, and has rightly stayed at the heart of Caucasian cuisine for generations.

“Caucasian Cheese” was an initiative born during CBDN’s Kars Business Forum in early March 2007, where Armenian and Turkish dairy producers began exchanging cheese recipes and subsequently came up with the idea of creating a new Caucasian Cheese brand. This is an exciting initiative that underlines the interests in and potential of cross-boundary economic cooperation, especially in the border regions. Read more…

Caucasian Bouquet wine
Caucasian Bouquet wine

Caucasus Bouquet

Wine has been produced in the Caucasus for thousands of years, and many credit the ancient residents of this region with its creation.

Since early 2009, CBDN has been engaging in promoting cooperation with wine producers across the South Caucasus. CBDN has held consultations with Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Karabakhi and Abkhaz wine-producers with a view of promoting professional dialogue and sectoral regional cooperation. Read more…