Mapping of the regulatory framework for import-export in Armenia and Georgia

As part of the project “Economy and Conflict”, CBDN is conducting a mapping of the existing domestic and international legislative framework regulating the transportation of products such as tea, wine, cheese, honey and other bee products across the Armenian-Georgian border. The mapping considers the cases of both commercial trade and private consumption (including the quantities of declared and undeclared goods, customs costs and so on) of products such as honey and other bee products, cheese, tea and wine.

Our work examines the contractual legal framework of the relationship between Armenia and Georgia, and the existing contracts and customs agreements regulating their economic trade and political relations.

All the relevant documents, including agreements and regulations, are systematised in the reports (in Russian), together with commentaries and brief explanations.

Regulatory Framework for the Import-Export of Tea and Honey in Georgia

Mapping of the regulatory framework of the import-export of tea, wine, cheese and honey between Armenia and Georgia