Mapping of the Beekeeping Sector in the South Caucasus and Turkey

Between July and November 2013, CBDN worked together with experts to conduct a mapping of the state of the beekeeping sector in the South Caucasus and Turkey (Kars). The goal of conducting the research was to produce an up-to-date analysis of the sector, including both an overview of the background issues and its current state, as well as recommendations from experts and practitioners for its improvement. The work studies the particularities, the material and technical infrastructure, the production of honey and other bee products, the current marketing and the market potential of the honey, the role of beekeeping institutions, and finally the prospects for regional cooperation within the sector. In 2014, the data were revised and the research materials compiled into a full report.

The research serves to inform the reader about CBDN’s work and the development of new methodologies for studying and improving the sector. It also promotes networking, communication and cooperation between beekeepers from across the South Caucasus and Turkey. This can lead to concrete steps towards economic development, peace and cooperation in the region.

This comprehensive analysis of the beekeeping sector may not only contribute to its development and its growing economic significance, but also to the revival of a scientific approach to the production of honey and bee products.

The research is targeted towards those with an interest in the sector and those who engaged in sectoral development and cooperation in the region, where the economy continues to suffer as a result of the ongoing conflicts. In addition, it may be of interest to entrepreneurs and commercial organisations, as well as specialist ministries and other official bodies.

The full report (in Russian) can be found here