First Caucasus Honey Collections Presented at Tea Festival

This year, inter alia, CBDN has been working on a new regional project “Caucasus Honey”. The concept was conceived during a beekeepers meeting in Gyumri in February 2011 where experts across the region discussed the possibilities of creating a common Caucasus Honey brand with the view of promoting cooperation through a joint endeavor.

Consequently, during 2011, CBDN has been engaging with beekeepers across the region to take the initiative further. Based on this work 7 pilot designs, or collections of “Caucasus Honey” have now been prepared. These prototypes were presented during the Caucasus Tea Festival on October 16th, in Tbilisi. Each collection consists of 7 unique types of honeys from Shirak, Karabakh, Zaqatala, Znaur, Kars, Tkvarchal/i, and Gardabani and symbolises economically connected and cooperating Caucasus.

During the festival, public was invited to taste selections of honeys that make the Caucasus Honey and vote for their favourite option of the collection. Hundreds attended the festival, tasted honey, learned about Caucasus Honey and gave their feedback. The comments received during the festival are currently being discussed among CBDN and beekeepers, based on which a further workplan will be developed.

CBDN welcomes any feedback on the design and the initiative as a whole.