Europe Day in Georgia

TbilisiThe Tbilisi CBDN office took part in a series of festive events as part of the “Let’s Meet Europe” week.

On May 9th, the Rural Communities Development Agency organised Europe Day in the Natakhtari village (Dushetsky region) with the support of the British charity Oxfam. Rural businesses from different parts of Georgia took part in the event. A trade fair of food and souvenir products was organised, during which CBDN made its traditional presentation of Caucasus Brands: tea and honey. The event was attended by members of Georgian parliament, leaders of international organisations, and embassy staff, including the UK Ambassador.Demur

On May 10th Europe Day took place in Alexander Garden in Tbilisi. The head of the EU delegation in Georgia Ambassador Janos Herman, Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania, and State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration David Bakradze all took part. There were also members of the diplomatic community and European embassies. Rural cooperatives, who had received support from the EU programme ENPARD set up tents in the park and presented their traditional products. The leaders of ENPARD asked us all to present our Caucasus Brands and we took the opportunity to not only demonstrate the achievements of the network, but also invite the large numbers of people (despite the rain) to try our tea and honey. As usual, the smoke from the samovar and the demonstrational beehive attracted the attention of those present.

The organisers of the event were the Tbilisi mayor’s office and the EU delegation in Georgia. A folklore ensemble performed songs and dances from different European countries: Greece, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Georgia.