CBDN Cross-Learning Trip to Kyrgyzstan

Between January 22-28, 2011 CBDN organized a cross-learning trip to Kyrgyzstan to discuss the role of the regional economic cooperation and share their experience from the South Caucasus on engaging business and economic actors in peacebuilding.

The agenda of the trip including meetings with the local entrepreneurs and farmers as well as with the local and international organizations that support and promote economic initiatives.

CBDN had introductory meetings with the Development and Cooperation in Central Asia (DCCA) and the Foundation Tolerance International (FTI) in Bishkek. During the meetings, CBDN got a better understanding about the context and the work of these organizations, and shared network’s regional economic initiatives such as Caucasus Tea, Caucasian wine and cheese, and its concrete activities such as the pest control and stone-cutting workshop initiatives.

To meet the beneficiaries of DCCA and FTI projects, CBDN paid a visit to Osh city, where they had meetings with the farmers and entrepreneurs. Besides discussing and exchanging experience on the opportunities and challenges of the economic cooperation at the local and regional levels, CBDN had a chance to visit a poultry farm, which was supported by the DCCA.

The trip provided a good opportunity for CBDN to share its work outside the South Caucasus, and learn about the role of local business communities in the other contexts.

The trip was generously supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).