‘Caucasus Tastes and Flavours’ Exhibition to Highlight the Role of Business in Peace

CBDN and peacebuilding organisation International Alert are holding ‘Caucasus tastes and flavours’ – an exhibition of Caucasian brands: Caucasus Tea, Caucasus Honey, Caucasian Cheese and Caucasian Bouquet (wine) – in the square at the Martiros Saryan monument in Yerevan, on 10 July 2014 from 16:00 to 20:00.

CBDN invites citizens and guests of Yerevan to taste, discuss and give feedback on Caucasian brands, which are the results of regional cooperation and symbols of an economically connected and cooperating South Caucasus.

During the exhibition, you will have a great opportunity to meet CBDN representatives from different corners of the region and discuss with them the idea behind regional  ‘peace cheese’, what role bees play in peacebuilding, how the wonderful aromas of Caucasian teas can contribute to the peaceful transformation of conflict, and much more.

This initiative is funded by the UK Conflict Pool and the European Union.