Europe Day in Georgia

TbilisiThe Tbilisi CBDN office took part in a series of festive events as part of the “Let’s Meet Europe” week.

On May 9th, the Rural Communities Development Agency organised Europe Day in the Natakhtari village (Dushetsky region) with the support of the British charity Oxfam. Rural businesses from different parts of Georgia took part in the event. A trade fair of food and souvenir products was organised, during which CBDN made its traditional presentation of Caucasus Brands: tea and honey. The event was attended by members of Georgian parliament, leaders of international organisations, and embassy staff, including the UK Ambassador. Read more

Culinary Dialogue: Promoting cooperation between communities in Armenia and Turkey


Culinary Dialogue:

Promoting cooperation between communities in Armenia and Turkey 

Gyumri, Armenia, 31 May 2015: Peacebuilding organisation International Alert and the Caucasus Business and Development Network (CBDN) will present the results of their initiative ‘Recipes for peace’ at “Slavyanskiy Dvor” 246/1, Vardanants Square, Gyumri, Armenia on 31 of May 2015 from 14:00 to 16:00.

Recipes for peace’ was launched in August 2014 with the aim of promoting reconciliation between Gyumri communities in Armenia and Kars communities in Turkey through discovering and raising awareness of the resemblances in their  culinary traditions. We believe that the process of preparing and sharing brings people together, giving them the opportunity to exchange traditions and techniques, and in doing so, strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation essential for peace. Read more

Mapping of the regulatory framework for import-export in Armenia and Georgia

As part of the project “Economy and Conflict”, CBDN is conducting a mapping of the existing domestic and international legislative framework regulating the transportation of products such as tea, wine, cheese, honey and other bee products across the Armenian-Georgian border. The mapping considers the cases of both commercial trade and private consumption (including the quantities of declared and undeclared goods, customs costs and so on) of products such as honey and other bee products, cheese, tea and wine. Read more

Mapping of the Beekeeping Sector in the South Caucasus and Turkey

Between July and November 2013, CBDN worked together with experts to conduct a mapping of the state of the beekeeping sector in the South Caucasus and Turkey (Kars). The goal of conducting the research was to produce an up-to-date analysis of the sector, including both an overview of the background issues and its current state, as well as recommendations from experts and practitioners for its improvement. The work studies the particularities, the material and technical infrastructure, the production of honey and other bee products, the current marketing and the market potential of the honey, the role of beekeeping institutions, and finally the prospects for regional cooperation within the sector. In 2014, the data were revised and the research materials compiled into a full report. Read more