CBDN, Business and Peace

CBDN believes there is a strong case for regional cooperation and that regional challenges like interrupted markets and conflicts need regional solutions. CBDN is the only institution actively promoting regional cooperation in an inclusive format across the South Caucasus.

CBDN supports business projects that are for mutual benefit and require genuine partnership and where neither conflict party dictates or unilaterally profits from the other’s help. This helps to restore trust and humanity in the relationships between the opposing sides.

CBDN supports the creation of new platforms to promote regional cooperation and launches and supports business initiatives that are transparent and beneficial for people across conflict divides in the South Caucasus. This makes it a legitimate and respected force among business communities and in the peacebuilding sector.

CBDN develops, advocates for and pilots models of regional cooperation such as regional events (exhibitions, business fairs), information tours for entrepreneurs, cross-divide production chains (production schemes, machinery lending schemes) and creation and promotion of regional brands (cheese, honey, tea and wine).