Regional Centre for Beekeeping

We are happy to let you know that our partners from Georgia, who have been part of the CBDN work for a long time and been the authors of the beekeeping work, have signed a memorandum of cooperation with the mayor of Tbilisi and the Czech Development Agency on the ‘Creation of a Regional Centre for Beekeeping’ in Tbilisi. This was the result of CBDN’s beekeeping sector work and they envisage to further cooperate with CBDN across the Caucasus to take the initiative forward.

The idea of the Regional Centre came as the result of the reflections on the next step of the beekeeping sector work. It will be a centre that will gather beekeepers from the Caucasus, provide trainings on the beekeeping, open a lab on the artificial insemination of the queen bees, have know-hows of this sector, etc., and strengthen regional cooperation of beekeepers.