Environmental clean-up campaign in Kutaisi

17th October 2014, Kutaisi

On October 17th 2014, between 12.00 and 15.00, Association ‘Peaceful and Business Caucasus’ (APBC), a member of Caucasus Business and Development Network (CBDN) together with International Alert, is organising a campaign in Kutaisi to clean up our town. The message and slogan of our event is: “Let’s Take Care of our World Together!”.

The main aim of this ecological campaign is to encourage our community to recognise the link between our health and the purity of the environment in which we all live. This begins on our own doorsteps, on our streets, at our places of work.

The campaign will begin at the city railway station Kutaisi-2 and finish by the old ‘Electromekhanikosi”. We call upon all organisations, institutions and the entire community of Kutaisi to support this campaign and bring cleanliness and order to those places that need it!

The campaign will pass through the town filming areas both polluted and clean, recording the impressions of residents, and distributing information.

Similar events will be held in many of the towns across the South Caucasus, where the Caucasus Business and Development Network functions.

For media enquires please contact:

Alu Gamakharia, phone: +995599552064, email: alu.gamakharia@mail.ru

Presentation of Caucasus Brands in South Ossetia

sowebsite2On September 20th 2014, CBDN organised a presentation of Caucasus Brands in South Ossetia. The aim of the presentation was to exhibit the latest versions of Caucasus tea and honey, discuss the ideas behind them and hear people’s feedback. The public was invited and treated in turn to samples of tea and honey, which had been arranged in a special section of a local shop near the station square, through which many people pass on their way travelling in and out of South Ossetia. In this way, the brands were presented to people from all across the region. Read more

CBDN Overview July-September

Key Events

Outreach Campaigns in Yerevan and Gyumri (July)

CBDN organised two showcase exhibitions for the Caucasus Brands in Armenia; one in Yerevan on July 10th, and one in Gyumri on July 12th. Colleagues remarked upon the successful cooperation, which helped the days to run smoothly. The events were well-attended, including by international guests, members of local and national government (parliamentary vice-speaker of Armenia and mayor of Gyumri) and diplomats (from Brazilian, Romanian and Russian embassies).

Meetings – South Ossetia

In August, CBDN organised a round-table entitled ‘Beekeeping in South Ossetia: Problems and Opportunities’, in which beekeepers, local business owners and Red Cross workers, among others, participated. The meeting was productive, and many topics were discussed.

In September, CBDN organised a presentation of tea and honey in South Ossetia. Many people attended, and gave their feedback on the Caucasus Brands products.

Round tables – Nagorno Karabakh

CBDN held several round table discussions in Nagorno Karabakh, which focused on engaging young civil society representatives and artists. Among other events, they presented and discussed the film ‘We are HAPPY from KARABAKH’, including the aims and expectations of the project.

Strategy Meeting in Antalya (August)

In August, colleagues from all offices participated in the CBDN strategic planning meeting, during which plans for the next year and the next three years were made. Particular areas of focus included PR and raising awareness, fundraising, development of Turkish-Armenian culinary campaigns, mapping of the beekeeping sector, revival of the wine brand, and development of CBDN and culture strand. Next year will be CBDN’s 10th anniversary and we are developing a strategy that will involve integrating this milestone into our work.

24th Economic Forum in Krynica (September)

For the 10th year running, CBDN participated in Krynica economic forum to discuss economic issues affecting the South Caucasus region. CBDN brochures, as well as tea and honey assortments, were distributed to the other participants, who were extremely interested in the work of the network.

Key Areas of Work


As discussed in the August meeting, raising awareness on the work of CBDN is an important part of our ongoing success and ability to reach new audiences. As a result, offices have been researching possibilities to move forward with publicity campaigns.

As well as outreach events in Tbilisi and Abkhazia, PR campaigns will involve television appearances across the region and a radio talk-show in South Ossetia. Environmental campaigns are also planned in October in Kutaisi, South Ossetia and Nagorno Karabakh.

Turkish-Armenian Culinary Project

CBDN in Gyumri and Kars have been working on a new strand of work dedicated to the Turkish-Armenian relationship. This will involve a culinary festival in each location, study trips between culinary professionals and the shared development of a book of recipes. This strand aims to expand the work already developed by CBDN on using the business sector to foster dialogue and serve as a model of cooperation.

Beekeeping Sector

Throughout 2013, much information, interviews and other material was collected by all CBDN offices on the current state of the beekeeping sector in South Caucasus. Subsequently, CBDN has been developing plans for its publication and dissemination.