CBDN Presentation in Kutaisi: Impressions of a New Participant

Local Dignitaries Attended

Local Dignitaries Attended

During the traditional May holidays in Kutaisi, I participated in an interesting event of the CBDN. The event was held on the territory of the historical monument of Okros Chardakhi (Golden Canopy)tsarist complex, right in the centre of Kutaisi. The aim of the event was to increase the public’s knowledge about the main directions and mechanisms of the Network’s peacebuilding activities, which provide an opportunity for bringing people together, finding new friends, advertising one’s products, businesses, various projects, etc.

During this couple of days, I gained an unforgettable experience of holding a presentation of Caucasus Brands, specifically the Caucasus Honey brand; and other participants of the Network presented Caucasus Tea, Caucasus Cheese, and Caucasus Bouquet (wine). One should note that the Caucasus Brands are the result of successful cooperation and collaborative work of people from across the South Caucasus and Turkey.

Residents and visitors of Kutaisi had the opportunity to taste and rate products developed by CBDN. Among the guests were representatives from the European Union, current and previous authorities; children, adults and older people approached to us to try the Caucasus Brands. CBDN brochures, tea and honey booklets were snapped up like hot cakes. In a word, there was no doubt in the interest for the work of the Network.

It was very enjoyable for me to socialise with people, share information about Caucasus Honey, treat residents of Kutaisi to the sweet honey, and to enjoy the company of interesting and happy people from Armenia, Baku, Nagorny Karabakh and Kars.

By Natalia Sidamonidze, Tbilisi office of the CBDN

CBDN Presentation in Kutaisi

On 2 May 2014 in Kutaisi (Georgia), during the traditional Maisoba festival, International Alert and the Caucasus Business Development Network held a presentation of its activities in the courtyard of the cultural-historical monument Okros Chardakhi (Golden Canopy) tsarist complex, with the financial support of the UK Conflict Pool and the European Union, within the frames of the project Business Advocacy for Peace.

The event was attended by the majority of the CBDN’s regional business offices in the South Caucasus.

The aim of the event was to increase the public’s knowledge of the activities of the Network and its projects, the directions towards peaceful transformation of the conflicts and promoting cooperation in the South Caucasus. Representatives of the CBDN’s regional offices had arranged the entire avenue that took up a whole sector of the festival area. They introduced residents and visitors of Kutaisi not only to CBDN projects and the results of its activities, but also to the principles and methods of the Network’s activity.

Visitors to the event included residents and visitors of Kutaisi, representatives of very diverse age groups: children, adults and older people. There were many official persons among the guests: representatives of the European Union, local government bodies, the Mayor’s Office in Kutaisi, deputies of the Parliament of Georgia, and community representatives.

Residents and visitors of Kutaisi had the opportunity to taste and rate Caucasus Brand products: Caucasus Tea, Caucasus Honey, Caucasus Cheese, and Caucasus Bouquet (wine), which are the result of regional cooperation, and symbolise the coming together and friendship of peoples of the Caucasus.

The CBDN team presented the latest version of the Caucasus Tea boxes and the souvenir packaging of Caucasus Honey. The beehive demonstration in particular gained the most excitement among the children. Despite it being the highpoint of the beekeeping season, the beekeeper of the CBDN apiary found time to attend, in order to share with the guests the secrets of beekeeping, technology for obtaining honey, and speak about the advantages of Caucasus varieties.

The CBDN presented Caucasus Cheese and wine from the Caucasus Bouquet series at an artistically and attractively decorated table. Kutaisi residents who tasted the cheese and wine rated the quality of these products highly.

Also for testing by attendees, the CBDN presented 5 new blends of herbs and teas in original fabric bags. Great interest and success was gained by the product itself, as well as the taste and the designed packaging format of the herbal teas. The visitors particularly noted the relevance of such a product, its Caucasus-wide origins, and the elegant design.