Tea and Honey Festival

Tea and Honey Festival

On October 7, 2012, Caucasus Business and Development Network organized festival of tea and honey in Tbilisi with a view of further promoting Caucasus brands and fostering regional economic cooperation.

The Festival coincided with Tbilisoba, which is an annual October festival in Tbilisi celebrating diversity and attracting many people from the capital and across the country. The public were invited to taste various types of teas and bee-products that were presented during the event. As previously, CBDN’s Caucasian brands (cheese, tea, honey and wine) got a lot of interest because of their regional format.

It was the second time CBDN presented its new brand – Caucasus Honey – in the festival. There was a separate stall for the Caucasus Honey for the public to taste a wide selection of honeys from all corners of the South Caucasus. Visitors also had a chance to look at live bees in a mobile observation hive that CBDN organized together with the beekeepers, who participated in CBDN’s regional cross-learning trip to Kars this summer.

As previously, various representatives of the government structures, international organizations, embassies, business people and media attended the event.

The event was generously supported by the United Kingdom Conflict Pool funding mechanism.