Festival of Tea and Honey During Tbilisoba

Souvenir packages of Caucasus tea and honey
Souvenir packages of Caucasus tea and honey

In October CBDN’s traditional Festival of Tea and Honey took place in park Rikhe as part of Tbilisoba. The festival lasted two days.

In spite of the poor weather, the level of interest for the tea and honey did not wane.

Both Tbilisi locals and visitors came to taste the different kinds of tea and honey on offer. Georgian Minister for Agriculture Otar Daneliya, Tbilisi mayor David Narmania, mayoral deputies Irakli Lekvinadze amd Nana Khatiskatsi were among the festival guests. Other representatives from the local authorities, as well as NGOs and diplomatic missions, were also present. Read more

Armenia-Turkey Conflict Cafe in London

Join International Alert and CBDN in London at the Conflict Cafe on 30th September, 1st October and 3rd October for an evening of food and discussion focusing on Armenia and Turkey.

Conflict Cafe is part of the ongoing Talking Peace Festival, organised annually by International Alert to showcase the power of words and creativity in building peace. This year’s festival is taking place in London from 4th September until 3rd October and involves a range of events and activities focusing on art, discussion, technology, film and food and the contribution they can make towards resolving conflicts and promoting peace. Read more

Gyumri-Kars Culinary Workshops

Locals try the shared recipes in Gyumri
Locals try the shared recipes in Gyumri

In May and June this year, the Caucasus Business and Development Network (CBDN) presented the results of the ‘Recipes for Peace’ initiative at a series of public workshops in Gyumri and Kars. These events provided a great opportunity for the guests and residents of the towns in Armenia and Turkey to engage and taste the dishes prepared by chefs and homemakers, and learn the history of the recipes handed down by family members through the years. Read more

Europe Day in Georgia

TbilisiThe Tbilisi CBDN office took part in a series of festive events as part of the “Let’s Meet Europe” week.

On May 9th, the Rural Communities Development Agency organised Europe Day in the Natakhtari village (Dushetsky region) with the support of the British charity Oxfam. Rural businesses from different parts of Georgia took part in the event. A trade fair of food and souvenir products was organised, during which CBDN made its traditional presentation of Caucasus Brands: tea and honey. The event was attended by members of Georgian parliament, leaders of international organisations, and embassy staff, including the UK Ambassador. Read more